Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads!

My Organic Waves lampwork glass beads are available in many colors that will look great in your jewelry or other crafted designs. All of my beads are annealed to remove stress in the glass, assuring that you will get the best quality beads. They are sparkling clean so that you will have no dusty residue when you use them in your designs.

I am currently offering multiple different sizes or types of beads:

  • teardrop beads are about 13mm tall and are great for earrings
  • 11mm beads are smaller rondelle shaped beads and are great for earrings
  • 14mm beads are a little larger and are more round shaped. They are heavier and some people still like them for earrings, but I like them for necklace and bracelets.
  • Focal Beads which are useful for a statement piece.

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