Rosemarie Hanus – Spawn of Flame
Rose - Windy Day in Ohio

Rose – Windy Day in Ohio

I have been melting glass and winding beads since February 2003. I love the immediate gratification of lampworking, whether the results are great or dismal. I do aim for the former.

The style of my beads is organic, yet similar from bead to bead; I call this Organized Chaos. I currently make obsessively matched sets of beads (I should name this eXtreme Bead Matching).

I hike with my family and my two dogs and get much inspiration from the outdoors. We have a cat also who is leash trained. We walk her occasionally, but she gets tired and uncooperative pretty quickly. My other pets,  numerous fish -they don’t hike, but I don’t fault them for that!

Location: Bath Township in Northeast Ohio